Sunday, March 1, 2015

Healthy Food Choices and Preparation

Hi Everyone!  This post is definitely going to be more of showing with pics rather than telling in words.  Earlier this school year, my class won a celebration with Food Matters.  Food Matters is a program for kids that focuses on the taste, smell, and preparation of healthy foods. Two representatives from the Food Matters program came in and did a hands-on lesson devoted to healthy food choices and preparation. 

We started out by making some fresh salsa. 


Students had the opportunity to cut their own veggies with a plastic knife. The Food Matters teachers taught the students how to properly cut. There were tomatoes, cilantro, red onion, and lime.  Yummy!  Cilantro was a new food for some of my kiddos, but they were excited to try it.



Moving right along to the green smoothies.  A few of my seconds were a little skeptical about these, but they quickly found out that they were quite tasty.  Apple juice, spinach, and bananas were just a few of the ingredients used.





Finally, the students got to taste hummus with carrots.  Not really a favorite of my kiddos, but we all tried it.



Overall, this was a fantastic experience for my students.  Hopefully, they will try some of these recipes at home.  I know I will.

How do you integrate healthy foods into your classroom? I’d loved to hear.


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