Saturday, March 22, 2014

St. Patrick’s Day Fun

Hi Y’all…. Whew! It’s been a busy week.  I’m just dropping in to share a few activities we did for St. Patrick’s Day.  I must say I think that St. Patrick’s Day is SUPER fun to celebrate.  Keep reading to see what we did.  

Well, when I walked into my classroom on Monday morning there were shamrocks EVERYWHERE.  I wondered what in the world was going on!






I found this note laying on my desk along with 7 riddles for my students to complete.


I didn’t get to take a picture of the riddles but one of them went something like this.

“I may be sour, dill, or sweet. I come in several shapes and sizes. People eat me with sandwiches. What am I?”

My kiddos had a ball trying to guess these riddles.  It turned out that the answer to each riddle was something green. 



We answered all of the riddles and found 25 shamrocks. We realized that there was still one left.  After searching for awhile, we finally found it under the carpet.  That silly little leprechaun thought he fooled us!  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it…lol



We also had some time to make these cute little Leprechaun posters from Erica Bohrer.  Super cute!



In past years, I’ve had a green-tasting party for St.  Patrick’s Day.  Check it out here.  Because of food restrictions, I was unable to do the party this year.  We still had a blast though!  Check out this little pack in our store if you need a little help planning a green-tasting party next year.  :)



I hope you are enjoying your weekend. 


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