Monday, March 4, 2013

Drum Roll Please....

Hi Friends!  Hope you had a great Monday!  This is going to be short and sweet.  I wanted to share my great news with you. Well, you might not know this but I love to scrapbook and create memorable gifts for others especially my family. It's really relaxing for me and I enjoy it a lot.  Ok...that wasn't my good news.  Sorry.  The good news is....DRUM ROLL please.......I got the new Silhouette Cameo.  Well, technically it's not new.  They've been out for a while now, but, hey, it's new to me!  If you're not sure what it is, check out the pics below.

Isn't it just beautiful?  It cuts paper, vinyl, AND fabric y'all.  Ive only played with it a few times since I got it, but I think it's great!  I know I'll be using this to make some amazing things for my students and classroom.   I can't wait!
Leave a comment if you have one of these babies and let me know what kinds of projects you've created.  I'd love to hear.   Thanks for letting me be overly excited about my Cameo! :)  Enjoy the rest of your week. 

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  1. I recently got one too! I'm SO excited about it, but I have NO idea what to make! I need to just sit down and let creativity overcome me. Haha. Let me know what you make or if you have any fun ideas!

    Jungle Learners