Sunday, August 4, 2013

August Currently

Hey Y’all!  Happy Sunday!  I’m linking up with Farley from Oh’ Boy Fourth Grade for her Currently linky party.  Here’s what’s going on.


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Listening…..We just got back home from church so the boys and I are in relax mode.  I’m spending some time catching up on blogging while the boys watch Nick, Jr.  Brian’s hanging out today.   

Loving…The beautiful weather we’ve been having. This is pretty unusual for the beginning of August, but the weather has been great(High 70’s and sunny). I’m not complaining AT ALL.

Thinking…How summer just flew by.  Is anyone else thinking this too?  Wow, I blinked and it was August!

Wanting….The space ship for my classroom to be done.  School has been in session for 8 days now and I am still trying to find the time to work on the spaceship for my classroom. 

Needing….More hours in the day.  Need I say more?

My B2S Must Haves… PILOT Chevron pens,  Washi tape, and Mr. Sketch Scented Markers.

If you follow me on Instagram, I posted a picture of the Chevron pens I found at Target.  I love these!


I’ve been experimenting with Washi tape and I absolutely love it.  I used it this school year to section off my white boards (pics soon).

Mr. Sketch markers have been a must-have for me for years.  I use them to grade student work. Love how they smell.

IMG_0949Head on over to Oh’ Boy Fourth Grade and link up.  I would love to read about what you’re up to. :) 


  1. Summer has flown by, that is an understatement! I want more time to enjoy my family and it just isn't in the cards. I am a marker girl too, so every chance I get I buy me some new markers to go with my every whim! I am happy to be following you thanks to Farley's rule of three!

  2. Ooooh! I've never seen the skinny Mr. Sketch markers...I did get two 12 packs of the jumbo sized at Office Depot on Thursday for $7.99 each...they're my favorite for anchor charts, they don't bleed through!
    I can't wait to see your spaceship!!!

  3. What a unique idea for your blog. Husband and wife teachers! I wish my hubby was a teacher so we can have fun all summer. I hope you post pics of your spaceship! The kids must love to be in your room.

  4. Hi Shannon! LOVE your blog! How do you do it with two little ones??? Hope you have a great school year. Stop into see us soon.