Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mother’s Day Book List & Last Week at a Glance

Hello Everyone!  I hope you are having a great Sunday.  Mother’s Day will be here before you know it, so I thought I would share a few books that I will be reading to my class in honor of the big day. 
My Mom is Great (Great Relatives Series)   Me and My Mom!  T. Rex and the Mother's Day Hug

The Night Before Mother's Day    Mother's Day Surprise  Mothers Day and Other Family Days
Last week was very busy in second grade!  I must say my kiddos came back from spring break rested and ready to learn.  Here’s a peek of what we did.
We had many discussions about taking care of the Earth throughout the week.  We  completed some writing and craftivity after reading the book Michael Recycle by Ellie Bethel.  The activities are from my Hooray for Earth Day! pack.

We also created these cute Earth Day books by Amy Lemons over at Step into Second Grade.  Love!
It was all things money this week.  We worked on mostly coin recognition and values.
I must say that I think magnets might be my new best friend.  These coins came from Jamie Rector over at Second Grade Stuff.  I love her common core math activities.  I laminated these coins, cut them out and put a magnet on the back.  Great for whole group lessons!
I also used magnets for studying prefixes.  My kiddos loved making words with these. 
In social studies, we dived into some economics with some help from Barnard Island.  We were all into goods and services.  We had a discussion about what we spend money on using our Smartboard.  Then we did some goods and services sorting.

Finally, my students and I are loving ClassDojo.  Have you heard of it?  If not I would definitely check it out.  It’s a class management system that might just make life a little easier for you now that we are down to the last days.  A teacher friend told me about it and now I am HOOKED!
That’s our week in a nutshell! I will be posting some cute little activities and gifts for Mother’s Day this week.  I think  I’m smellin’ a giveaway too! :)  Have a great week, friends!

Mrs. Holland

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