Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day-One Day Late-OOPS! and A Giveaway

Hello Friends!  So sorry that I am a day late, but Happy St. Patrick's Day to you.  I decided it would be cute to type this post in green.  I have something fun to share so let's get right to it.

Last year in my classroom, we had an All Things Green Celebration!  Because of food restrictions, I was not able to do it this school year. :( However, I lived my lfe through my husband, because he sho' nuff did it with his firsties last Friday. ;) We had a ball last year with so many green things to eat. May I add that there were a lot of healthy fruits and veggies too!  Oh and let's not forget the Shamrock Sauce (ranch dressing with green food coloring).  My husband made this up!  I think it's hilarious! 
The shamrock sauce was a really pretty green color even though you can't tell from this picture. 

Look at this spread, yall!

 I guess we had to throw some other colors in there with the Skittles.)

St. Patrick's Day is so fun!  Even though it's late, head on over to our store and snag this St. Patrick's Day activity or put it in your wish list for next year!  It's everything you need to get the celebration started. The first three friends to leave a comment about what your class did for St. Patrick's Day will receive it for free.  Hey, it's the least I can do for being late.   Don't forget to leave your e-mail address. 


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  1. Sorry you couldn't do it this year, but it looks AMAZING! So much fun, I bet all your kids last year loved it! I actually teach at a private school and we don't have class on we'll see if we caught a leprechaun in our traps tomorrow morning! He MIGHT leave behind a trail of his footprints, and MAYBE some gold coins, green ice cream & sprite for Lucky floats. Just a guess though! ;)
    Your shamrock sauce looks adorable! I'm so excited!

    Jungle Learners