Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Winter Break is Over and Problem Solving Notebook

Hello Friends!  Today was our first day back to school after a much needed winter break.  Gone are the days of sleeping in and catching up on the reality shows that I recorded months ago...ha!  It's now time to get back in to the swing of things.  So here we go.....
Many of you may have downloaded the TPT Freebie called Calling All Problem Solvers.  If you haven't, just head on over to Teachers Pay Teachers and download it.  I wanted to show you how I use it in my classroom. 

I copy the cover page onto bright colored cardstock so it's easy for the kids to find and it makes it a little more durable.

We usually go in depth with problem solving a few days each week.  My students write the date, the name of the word problem and the page number that it can be found on.  This Table of Contents page really helps if students want to refer back to a problem they completed in the past. 

 I give the kiddoes a word problem on a mailing label and they put it at the top of the page.  Oh just a sidenote.... you can make 30 of the same label on one sheet.  They also number the page at the bottom.  Then they solve the problem using the math tools that I have in my classroom. 

This one of the first problems that we completed. 
The students are getting better and better at solving math problems and this notebook really helps. 

Hope you found this useful! 
Happy Teaching!


  1. We are really focusing on problem solving right now too. I took some tidbits away from your thoughts. Thanks! Found you through TBA
    -Leslie @KindergartenWorks

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Glad you were able to take some tidbits!:)