Monday, December 31, 2012

First Post Ever and Meet the Hollands

Hello Friends!  I hope you all had a great holiday season relaxing and spending time with your loved ones.  Well here it first blog post ever!    One of my resolutions is to try this blogging thing out and create some educational resources for you.  I'll do my best to stick to it!

Here's a little about us....The Teaching Twosome is a name created by my husband and me.  This is my husband's 13th year of teaching.  Currently he teaches first grade, but he also has experience with the kinders.  This is also my 13th year of teaching.  I am teaching second grade now, but I have several years of experience in third grade.  We teach in different districts. We have two sweet sons ages 3 and 5.  I know your do you you juggle it all?  All I can say is..."Everyday is an adventure......but we love it!"

I will be doing most of the blogging and both of us will be creating products for TpT.

Here's what I'm working on for our store...
Calling All Problem Solvers: Ideas for Creating a Problem Solving Notebook
Let Freedom Ring:  A Martin Luther King Mini-Unit
Brian will be posting some new music for your classroom soon, but in the mean time, click the link below for a free download.
Happy New Year!



  1. I'm glad I found your blog through Teaching Blog Addict! I just started blogging as one of my New Year's resolutions too. Exciting but a little overwhelming, huh?

    Your blog looks GREAT! I'm one of your newest followers!

    1. Hi Breanne! Thanks for following our blog. It is overwhelming, but at the same time it's fun! I headed over to check out your blog now. Don't you just love TBA?